The Temple by Temple Project

We first biked the thousand-mile 88 temple pilgrimage route in the fall of 2012. After completing the journey, we began developing our idea for Temple by Temple.

HomePageIllustrationWeb2Through kickstarter the project grew with interest and support from people from all over.

Returning to Japan in the fall of 2013, we bicycled the 88 temple route again. This time we collected materials – paper and thread – along the way to hand-bind 176 books. Each book is printed on handmade paper from Uchiko, a small town along the route. The book is lettered by Himeka Miyashita, a previous English student of Elayna’s. Additionally, Yuna Miki did the calligraphy for the heart sutra (the chant said at the temples) to accompany one of the illustrations.


Temple by Temple began as an idea had on a bike ride. With the help and collaboration of many people it has become a book that embodies the essence of a place and a journey.


Interested in getting a copy of our book? Get in touch with us through email!

(Temple by Temple 絵本をほしかったら Chelsea or Elayna にメールしてください)